Case Study: Sash & Gable Property

Let me take you behind the scenes of this gorgeous boutique agency who jumped on board straight away! 

They approached Agency Window for a trial and from there, we developed their visual identity in keeping with their personal brand.

Meet Ian and Gail Gobey - Sash & Gable
Ian and Gail Gobey are game changers!

They have been in the industry for over 10 years and observed how other businesses were wasting time and money constantly updating their front window displays.

After crunching the numbers and realising the annual cost of maintaining a window display was in the order of $6,000 per annum, they sought out a solution to evolve their business and become more technologically focused.

A year later, they are seeing the cost benefit but also the added features such as Staff Profiles and Promotions which a normal static display cannot deliver.

Let's Check Them Out
They use the split screen functionality showing many windows on one large TV screen.  They have the luxury of mixing things up, using the Staff Profile and Promotions feature. Their display is constantly accurate, delivering to their customer base relevant and informative information of the area.


Ian and Gail have also benefited from using the features within Agency Window.  Below is a short clip of a listing and promotional article that can work hand-in-hand effortlessly.

We are so proud to be able to work with and support Sash & Gable Property, and we wish them the continued success in the future.

Agency Window