Let's Talk Hardware

Agency Window was created with a clear objective - to provide our users with a software solution which delivers real-time display of property details, images and videos streamed directly from your CRM system.

Sometimes it can become very overwhelming when looking at the bigger picture.  This blog post is to give you clarity when it comes to considering your hardware.

What you need to run Agency Window is the following;

  • a computer running Microsoft Windows 7 or greater;
  • one or more TV screens;
  • a connection to the internet;
  • a mouse and keyboard;

The Computer

Technology is advancing every day, and modern computers can now utilise more than one TV screen at a time.

You can run Agency Window from a computer that is already in your office, or a laptop that is going spare!  From there, all you need to do is simply run an HDMI cable from that computer to your screen.

If your intention is to use a maximum of three screens, we would highly recommend using an Intel NUC as your computer.  As part of our Full Plan, we supply the computer package pre-configured for your convenience. This is a small computer which can easily attach to the back of your screen - neat and tidy, tucked away.  However, this is down to personal choice.


You can check out our full features and more here.   If you want to have more than three screens, please contact us so we can guide you through the process.

The Screens

Probably the most important hardware to consider is what screens to use.  Agency Window supports multiple screens from one application.  So - you can go for small TV screens with each one showing a single window of your properties, promotions and staff profiles, or you can utilise a large TV screen and configure Agency Window to split it into sections - we are that flexible!


Screens range in price too - we have clients who have gone to their local computer store and purchased a screen and installed it themselves, or you can engage with AV Specialists who can provide you with an end-to-end service.

When it comes to choosing, just be mindful of the following;

  • how many hours of the day will you have your screen active;
  • consider all the elements of the day;
  • will your screen be exposed to morning/afternoon sun;

The choice is down to you - Agency Window is proudly Australian developed and supported software. 

Agency Window