Thinking Digitally

The more I go out and meet with Principal Owners, the more Agency Window needs to be brought to the forefront of their thinking, to bring their business into the digital world, to evolve, to think outside the box and take that leap of faith - and JUMP!

Agency Window was born with this mindset at its core. We created a solution driven from your CRM chock full of amazing features, specifically built to serve the real estate industry here in Australia. We continue to add more as needs arise within our client base.

I love this digital landscape we are all apart of.  I came across a really cool graphic of what happens in an 'internet minute'.  The variety of platforms we are all using in this short moment of time is astronomical, but more frightening, the volume.

Check it out;

  • 18 million text messages;
  • 187 million emails sent;
  • 375 thousand apps downloaded;
  • 174 thousand scrolling Instagram;
  • $862 thousand spent online;

The list goes on, and that's just in a minute!

So what is the true cost?

Traditionally, the industry has relied on printed window displays to promote their listings, even though the information has a short shelf life.  This is something I come across all the time, how frustrating for those seeking their dream home...

You wouldn’t want to display inaccurate information on your website, so shouldn’t the same go for your window front?

We've crunched the numbers and you will be surprised!

Putting wages, materials, supplies and time into the mix, it will cost you about $6,000+ per year to keep your window display updated - so on a basic yearly Agency Window plan which is $1,089 it gives you a savings of $5,000!

But we see it differently...

Having a solution that updates itself through your CRM, which in turn is used to launch, manage and settle the property record and its status on the market in real-time, alleviates any incorrect information.

Adding to that, you can use Agency Window for promotional and agent marketing - in fact anything you believe the public needs to know, further promotes your business as a professional organisation.

Our software solution ensures you have a well-managed professional display that is up to date.

Be smart, use the savings you've made from eliminating the clunky manual process that no doubt has consumed your office for years and invest in your hardware. 

Then check out our features and benefits and jump on board - lets go!

Agency Window