We are excited to give you this unique opportunity to install Agency Window on your Microsoft Windows based laptop or desktop as we want you to better understand the software and how you can start adapting right now to succeed in this evolving digital landscape!

How the Trial Works

We have given you full access to our dashboard, we want you to try every aspect of it.  Try out the features and have fun.

Utilise the staff and promotional features as an extra way of showcasing your team and your achievements.  It’s also a way to see how much value will be added to your overall business model by taking away the time and cost that is required to keep your customers informed.

While the trial displays on your own Windows laptop or tablet for ease of demonstration, should you decide to move forward with an Agency Window paid plan, you can set up in-office display screens in any number of configurations.

This free trial is based on the Basic Plan over a 3-month period (90 days) using the in-built display format supplied by Agency Window. If you would like to trial your own data, authorisation is required to connect to your CRM to display your properties, this is something Agency Window can assist with the set-up. Just contact us and we can set that up.


To get started on your trial, simply click the get Free Trial button below.

From here you will be directed to a login/sign up dashboard (as shown below). As you are a first time user, be sure to select Sign Up (right side) and follow the prompts to set up your account.  A guide to registering a new account can be found here.

Screenshot 2017-12-14 14.14.46.png

Start your free subscription

Login to the dashboard using your new account and select the option to 'Try for 90 days free' subscription offer.


A guide to starting your subscription can be found here.


Credit card details are required when you sign-up, but will not be billed during the free trial period.  Even though there is an amount when you proceed through the check out, you will not be billed and will see $0.00 in your subscription profile at completion.  You will only be billed after the trial period expires.  There’s no lock in contract, and you can cancel at any time (Full Plan excluded).

We are confident you will see the benefits of this solution as being part of your business. The real estate industry continues to evolve and become more technologically focused, and we see Agency Window as being a key component of that mix - it's your 24/7 digital display!

install agency window

With an account and subscription you are now able to download and install Agency Window onto your Windows computer.  An installation guide can be found here.