Time & Cost Efficient

  • Quick to install and configure.

  • Single point of property data entry - what you enter into your CRM system comes up on the screen automatically.

  • Eliminates the cost and need to carry out daily updates of your properties displayed.

  • Eliminates human error in double handling.

  • Moves your agency closer to a paperless display approach.

Multiple Displays

  • Supports multiple screens from one application.

  • Each screen can be individually configured to show property types. For example:

    • Screen 1 displays property sales,

    • Screen 2 displays rentals.

  • Supports split screening to show many windows on one large TV screen

  • Screens can be rotated to a portrait mode


  • Real-time display of property details, images and videos streamed directly from your CRM system.

  • Website login available for initial setup and configuration along with real-time monitoring of the app’s status.

  • Remote access for support purposes using TeamViewer.


  • Designed to run on existing Microsoft Windows based hardware.

  • Run promotional material for campaigns, testimonials, offers, notices, local area information etc...

  • Display profiles for all of your staff.


  • White label site means you can apply your agency’s branding - logo, colours fonts to your instance of Agency Window.

  • Corporate branding support to control the visual identity that your franchisees use.

Automatic Updates & Fixes

  • Any software updates and changes to Agency Window are automatically rolled into your application - no need for you to manually update.

  • Designed to run autonomously. Agency Window constantly self-monitors and restarts if a problem is detected.


  • Works well on unreliable data connections. Data is locally cached so the app continues to run on poor connections.

  • All data secured on Google Cloud - no risk of data loss.

Locally Supported

  • Proudly Australian developed and supported software.

Supplied Computer

We can if required supply a computer package. This is a small computer which can easily attach to the back of your screen - neat and tucked away.

This saves you time in the initial set up of the hardware. We provide everything you need.

  • a small computer (115 mm x 111 mm x 32 mm) that can easily be attached to the back of a screen with zip ties, or discretely hidden away;

  • support for up to 3 screens max (restrictions apply);

  • an Australian power cable;

  • a single 2 metre HDMI cable, and;

  • a wireless combined keyboard and mouse.

  • this custom plan has a minimum term of 3 months, cancellation of the plan within this initial term will result in no refund being due;

  • the computer remains the property of Agency Window and MUST be returned if you cancel your subscription, and

  • please contact us if you want to learn more

Supplied Computer.jpeg